The Singles page features five of our hit songs from our debut album, Beach Blues. "Cupid's Dealer," "Stained Boots," "Super Nova," "Dude Abides," and "Love Tsunami" are all included on this page. These songs are a perfect representation of our unique sound, blending down-home and urban blues for a contemporary take on the genre. You can listen to each song and purchase them through various platforms.  

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"Cupid's Dealer": SEO Keywords: Love addiction, Cupid's Dealer, love narcotics, middlemen, love anthem, intoxicating pill

"Experience the alluring rush of love with my new single, "Cupid's Dealer." This track delves into the complex world of love addiction, where one can find dealers, accomplices, and true romantics all in the same place. Cupid's Dealer is a powerful anthem for anyone caught in the grip of love's intoxicating pill."

Stained Boots, rock ballad, small truths, loss and rebirth, Apostoli Floyd, high school years, musicals, performances, personal experience, obstacles, strength

"Embrace the raw emotions of life with my new rock ballad, "Stained Boots." Written from personal experience, this track reflects on the small yet significant moments in life, particularly during my high school years when I found solace in music. With lyrics that capture the feelings of loss and rejuvenation, "Stained Boots" is a powerful anthem for anyone who has faced obstacles and emerged stronger. "

"Super Nova": Super Nova, cosmic journey, funk-inspired anthem, divine energy, stardust, Betelgeuse, supernova, fantasy world, space and time, love and connection, fantasy world

"Get lost in the cosmic rhythms of my new funk-inspired anthem, "Super Nova." Written as a storyteller, I wanted to capture the feeling of searching for a higher energy and the idea that we are all made of stardust. The song was inspired by the upcoming event of the star Betelgeuse going supernova, which is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two people traveling through space and time, coming together in an explosive moment, much like the emotions we feel for those closest to us. The song is a funky anthem for the cosmic wanderers out there in search of a divine energy. I have always been fascinated by space movies and their themes, and I wanted to write a story of love and connection, set in a fantastical world. As a performer since elementary school, I have always been drawn to the stage and the connection that music can create between the performer and the audience. With this song, I want to take my listeners on a journey through space and time, and help them escape to the fantasy world I've painted with my words and music.

"Dude Abides": SEO Keywords: Dude Abides, hard rock, temptation, innocence, let go, be free, main character, gamble, life, rules of the game, hard rock rules, jackpot, The Big Lebowski, The D

"Dude Abides" is a hard new age funk song that speaks about the struggle of navigating life's temptations while trying to maintain a sense of innocence. The lyrics encourage the listener to let go of their fears and be free in order to move forward. The song also encourages the listener to embrace their role as the main character of their own life and to take risks, because life is a gamble, and one should not look back with regret and ask "what if". The song speaks about the importance of adhering to the rules of the game, both in life and in hard rock music, in order to hit the jackpot and achieve success. The title "Dude Abides" is a reference to the movie "The Big Lebowski" and its main character, "The Dude" and his laid-back attitude towards life.

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