Apostoli Floyd

"It's all been done before, but I'm doing it now."

Meet Apostoli Floyd, the 22-year-old blues sensation redefining the genre. Hailing from Miami, Apostoli's soulful sound and electrifying performances have earned him acclaim. His music seamlessly blends R&B, rock, funk, and blues.

A winner of the 2022 South Florida Blues Challenge, and semi-finals in the 2023 IBC. Apostoli's versatility shines in his original compositions and powerful covers paying homage to blues legends. With a debut album, "Beach Blues," and a magnetic stage presence, Apostoli Floyd is a rising star in the world of music and performance.

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Apostoli has this natural blues and funk about him.” - Multi Grammy award winner George Noriega.

— "Cupid's Dealer" Recorded in the famous {Cutting Cane Studio} produced by George Noriega